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Quality Control

With over 25 years experience in the sector I am aware of customer needs and the pitfalls of patent translation.  In particular I aim to guarantee:

·  attention to detail
·  technical accuracy
·  consistent terminology

All translations are double-checked to ensure the highest quality.

Client Base

My current client base is composed of leading translation companies and patent offices in Italy and the UK. In the past I have worked with:

• RWS Translations Group, UK • Jacobacci & Partners, Padua
• G. Beyer GmbH, Cologne, Germany • Marchi & Partners, Milan
• Marks & Clerk, London • Dragotti & Associati, Milan
• Olivetti SpA, Ivrea, Italy • Taylor & Meyer, London
• Eureco UK Ltd, London • Apta Srl, Milan
• Parallel Translations, UK • Gallo & Partners, Padua